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· Registration of needy students.

The office identifies the needy students. They are advised on how to make application for registration. The application letters are received and processed.


 Issuing all registered needy students with serial numbers for reference.

The office has a duty of issuing serial numbers to all needy students who have requested for registration. All the students retain their individual numbers even after their pass out from the institution.


· Confirmation of family backgrounds from their local administrative officer and the religious leaders.

The office also carries out investigation of the students family background by writing to their chiefs/ assistant chiefs and the Holy man of the religion where thye worship.


· Allocation of needy students’ bursaries.

When the students is duly registered with written support from the two referees, they automatically qualify and are allocated a bursary ranging between four to eight thousands shillings.


· Recommendation of needy students for work-study programmes.

There are students who choose to offer some services to the university departments where they get a little wage which they can use for personal expenses.


·  Linking the students with the external donors for scholarships.

In some instances some donors approach the university in the name of sponsoring our needy students and sometimes providing stipends. The beneficiaries of such arrangement are selected from the registered needy students with the authority of the university administration.


· To act as a bridge between students and university management.

There are students who are faced with some issues and since their cases are already known, the office has the confidence to link them with the necessary offices for assistance


· Sourcing for financial assistance of needy students

The office goes an extra mile to source for funds from external and internal departments so as to raise enough for catering for the needy students.