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“To have a globally competitive quality education, training and research for Kenya’s sustainable development.’’


"To provide, promote and co-ordinate lifelong education, training and research for Kenya's sustainable development. To focus on priority areas within overall education goals, notably towards attaining 'universal primary education' by 2005, within the context of the wider objective of 'Education for All (EFA)' by 2015.

Strategic objectives, programmes and policy priorities

The overall sector objectives are to ensure equitable access, attendance, retention, attainment and achievement in education, science, research and technology by ensuring affordability of services. The MoEST seeks to mobilize resources for sustainable and efficient delivery of relevant educational research, technological and other educational services. The Ministry will ensure co-ordination of the provision of education and training for efficient delivery of services between government, donors, NGOs and communities. It will promote and popularize a Science and Technology Culture.

The MoE has set specific targets against key priorities:

  1. Universal Primary Education (UPE) by 2005 and Education for All (EFA) by the year 2015;
  2. Achievement of Transition rate of 70% from Primary to Secondary from the current rate of 47% by 2010;
  3. Enhanced access, equity and quality in Primary and Secondary Education supported through capacity building for 45,000 education managers by 2005, and construction / renovation of physical facilities/equipment; and
  4. Developing a National Strategy for technical and vocational education and training in 2004, leading to the rehabilitation of physical facilities and equipment and making sure that Vocational and Technical Institutions are appropriately equipped by 2010



Link: http://www.education.go.ke/

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