Monday, March 18, 2024

The Nairobi Surgical Skills Centre (NSSC) received a digital upgrade on their equipment. An appreciation launch was held on 14th March, 2024 to thank the sponsors for the state of the art equipment.

The digital upgrade grant was donated by Proximie’s Amazon Web Services Health Equity Award within the Innovate+ Kenya Global program. This provided for hardware, license, and change management and an additional in-kind value.

The event was graced by he Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama who commissioned the equipment, Makueni County Health Health CECM Dr. Paul Musila, the Deans of Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Science and Technology Prof. George Osanjo and Prof. John Onyari respectively.

Prof.Osanjo expressed his deepest gratitude to the Proximie team and Johnson and Johnson for building and equipping the NSSC.

“This initiative will upgrade the excellence and quality of training for the students at the centre," Prof. Osanjo said.

The equipment allow for real time sharing of ongoing surgeries to those who are off site including surgeons and students who do not need to crowd around the surgery table. It also allows for dialing in which enabling those on site to communicate with consulting surgeons who are off-site.

Dr. Musila congratulated the University for their great stride in providing scholarly excellence through the newly launched equipment. In his own county, the equipment is used to teach surgery to medical students and monitor surgeries during deliveries to reduce maternal and neonatal deaths, which has proven very successful.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kiama congratulated the Department of Anatomy and the Faculty at large for the equipment advancement they had received. 

"The digital upgrade on the equipment continue breaking barriers through digitalization, which is the future of healthcare."

He went on to thank all the collaborators who contributed to the success of the NSSC including government entities and organizations such as Johnson and Johnson and many others.,

To culminate the occasion, an MOU was signed between the University of Nairobi and Makueni County to allow for collaborations for expansive application of the equipment.