Wednesday, April 20, 2022
The University of Nairobi – Faculty of Education launched a new diploma course in Education in Emergencies (EiE) in 2022: Diploma in Teacher Education in Emergencies (DiTEiE)
Rationale for Education in Emergencies
In recent decades, conflicts, natural disasters, and pandemics have led to the displacement of millions of children keeping them out of school.  In crisis-affected countries / contexts displaced children, especially refugees, asylum seekers and IDPs need to continue with education and must be brought back to school to access inclusive and quality learning that also optimizes retention and transition.
The goal of the Programme: The programme is designed to equip educators with theoretical and practical pedagogical knowledge and skills necessary for them to become professional teachers in complex emergencies and in different social-cultural contexts.
For whom?
The programme targets practising teachers - who may not have formal teacher training, as well as practising educators, and teachers who teach or aspire to teach in emergencies contexts.
Purpose/Benefits of the Programme (or why of the programme)
The DiTEiE programme will ground and sharpen your knowledge specifically to teach in low-resource and emergency contexts. You will learn indispensable skills on how to manage and teach in diverse, multi-cultural classrooms so that even the most vulnerable learners can thrive.
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